The Monarch Papers is a completely free interactive literary experience. Part novel, part game, you are the missing piece in a puzzle that’s remained unsolved for a thousand years.

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The Monarch Papers is a completely free interactive literary experience. Part novel, part game, you are the missing piece in a puzzle that’s remained unsolved for a thousand years.

The Experience

Experience the story on blogs and social media.

Solve logic-defying, reality-warping puzzles.

Reveal secrets about our world and its true history.

Earn digital and physical rewards for your actions.

Collaborate with others to overcome obstacles.

Influence the story and interact with characters.

Become immortalized in a published novel.

All 100% Free.


It’s such a wonderful thing to see people from all over the world come together to share in this. It is so in depth, so creative, and most importantly, so damn fun!

-Michael Alan Nelson
Author of comics 28 Days Later and Hexed

CJ Bernstein is not f*cking around.  He’s crafting one of the most elaborate storytelling experiences I’ve ever seen and he’s leading the charge away from boring old ARGs of the past. This sh*t is LEGIT.

-Andrew Muto
Director and Creator of Night, A Sleepwalking  Journal

The attention to detail, the rich characters, the sprawling narrative… I’ve known CJ as a writer for years and this is him doing what he was put here to do. It’s astounding.

-Ross Richie
Founder of Boom! Studios Comics

The Story

Deirdre Green

After her estranged father’s death, Deirdre Green crosses the Atlantic to discover she has inherited an old brownstone and a collection of strange artifacts from her family’s once-storied publishing company.

She digs deeper into her family’s history and discovers that she’s at the center of a centuries-old literary mystery that if unraveled could not only put her in mortal danger, but rewrite history itself.

The Mountaineers

While she searches for answers, Deirdre catches the attention of an online community who call themselves The Mountaineers.

They are obsessed with tracking down the occult books her family published decades prior, books which have somehow completely disappeared from history.

They believe this all points to dark magic, secret societies, and the altered history of the world.

The Guide to MAGIQ

Considered conspiracy theorists for decades, The Mountaineers’ beliefs are finally confirmed when workers discover one of the books from Ackerly Green’s “Lost Collection” in the ruins of a New York insane asylum.


Emboldened by the discovery of The MAGIQ Guide, and the surfacing of Deirdre Green, they decide the only way to expose the truth about the missing books is to take their mission into the light.

Using the Guide as a recruitment tool, they defiantly publish it online in the hopes of bringing believers from all over the world to their side.


And then there’s you.

Will you keep pretending you’ve never remembered impossible memories, or imagined impossible truths?

Or are you ready to accept the challenge of The Mountaineers and join the fight?

Are you prepared to follow the trail The Mountaineers have left for you?

Are you ready to find your secret guild and join the BRAVE, the HELPFUL, the CHAOTIC? The RESOURCEFUL, the CLEVER, the DETERMINED?

Are you ready to see what waits for you inside The MAGIQ Guide?

If so, then it’s time to continue. But remember, a secret once told, can’t be untold.

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Open the Book

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